#Reformation500 – My Trip To Wittenberg

This year, one of my closest pals and one of our pastors at our church dropped me a text off the cuff and said,

wouldn’t it be amazing to be at All Saints Church on the 500th year of the reformation.

In essence I thought of course it would, to be in the same spot of the great reformer @Martin Luther all these years later.  The trip really opened my eyes to the bravery of Luther and what impact it has had on my life.

I walked through Luther’s House, soaking up all of the material that was on show.  He was a man that had such a  wrestle with his own salvation and he had 95 challenges with the church he saw and how it didn’t reflect the church that Jesus dies for and ultimately he will be coming back for.

I really love this quote from Luther as he stood in front of his interrogators requesting him to recant his work.  The great thing about Luther was he had platform, he had a boldness, but he had a deep relationship with Jesus.

Here I stand, I have done all I can, now God help me. – Martin Luther