Mission 2018 – Lazareni Romania

As I write this post I am still coming to terms with what I experienced in Romania.

I had the privilege of co-leading a mission back to a Gypsy Village in Lazareni, working with the Caleb Foundation.  What is happening in that village is nothing short of miraculous.  As you continue to read this I will not have the words to do it justice but I will attempt to open the window to allow you to see what God is doing through this community.

The Village 

The community is up in the hills about 20 minutes outside of Oradea, Romania.  When the community were given the land years ago there was nothing there now there is a community of families that live in extreme poverty.  They have had to survive without running water in the village for years.  They have a severe lack of finance and resource but they have been blessed with some of the most beautiful surrounding views that are available on the earth.

The People

Over the last 3 years I have got to know some of these people and I can say they are some of the most brilliant people I have met.  There is a movement of gypsy men and women that believe and seek God for all he has.  It must be really difficult living in these conditions but we are starting to see families rise up and really be an example within a community.

Our Team 

One of the things I love about taking a missions team away is the varied dynamic of the team to take.  Only in the church do I see so many varied personalities and interests coming together under one name to make a difference.  This trip we took a team of varying experience, some only a year into their faith journey since baptism.  We had some young, some abit older, and some abit older than that. 🙂 I have loved seeing people develop in areas they didn’t even know they could and build friendships that will last a lifetime.  What I love more than anything is what God did in every single one of the team.

The Lessons I Have Learned

  1. God is at work in the detail.
  2. Create opportunities for people to step up.
  3. Don’t make someones no for them.
  4. Believe God for the increase!