About me

Enjoying a good coffee

elcome to my blog and I appreciate you stopping by.  As you can see by my picture I love coffee, as you can see by posts I love Jesus and as you understand my heart you will see I value the local church having a global impact.  My story is one of grace, recreating my future and using my past to impact others.  I was lost a decade ago, chasing the wrong things and putting my trust in things like alcohol, party lifestyle, women and money.  Even though on the outside it would seem that I was a confident, happy, getting on with life; inside I was a mess understanding there was a huge void!

I walked into church, asked God to impact me and tried to put in place what I learned each week.  As I look back on the last 12 years I have had the amazing opportunity to go to bible college, run discipleship courses, preach and teach, lead missions teams and see God heal in front of my eyes.  I firmly believe this is only the start and there is much more that God wants to expose me to.